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1, Mar. 2018

I now keep a log, because there are several companies peddling Diabetic supplys out there.

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1, Jan. 2017

I told the young lady to never call again.

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7, Jul. 2016

Could not her message. Sound was muffled

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26, May. 2016

nor does anyone in my family.

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17, Mar. 2015

Whenver they called me, I asked stop calling us.

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6, Mar. 2015

called and said i was goign to be arreseted in 30 min and sent to jail a long time when i asked what about told me to go F myslef.. said was with the da office

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2, Dec. 2014

Someone called from the number (425) 298-9553 saying that they were from the IRS asking for my wife. Saying that there was a pending lawsuit to put a Lien on our house and she would be arrested by the sheriff shortly. When I asked for an IRS case number I was told to call back during business hours. And gave no further details. But if I would wire money the matter would be closed. It is a scam. 1st) IRS never calls, they only use the Mail for correspondence. 2nd) If it were legitimate they would have a case number. 3rd)If there was a case going back several years how could we be getting tax refunds for the last 7 years. It Is A SCAM.

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31, Oct. 2014

The call is a robo call and they keep calling me. They don't give me the option to opt out or speak to anyone

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4, Jul. 2013

Responded via text to a Craigslist Post with a Pay Pal Scam!

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7, May. 2013

This phone number showed up on my checking account statement around the time my debit card numbers were stolen.

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17, Feb. 2013

They are solicitating via text messaging.