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20, Jul. 2018

I appreciate it very much.

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18, Apr. 2018

It was a recorded message that said I filled out something and won a trip.

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9, Mar. 2018

Some one at this number 801-402-1058, keeps calling my daughters cell phone at all times of the day.

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9, Mar. 2018

I called & all i get is a busy tone.

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3, Feb. 2018

Automated call. I called the number and gave a fake name and address. The REAL IRS would have had caller ID info and recognized right away. After I stated this to him he told me to F*** my mother and F*** my sister then hung up. So this number is legit scammers. Also the IRS is getting paid right now, they usually do not start collection calls until after the 15th of April. Not to mention it was Saturday when they called :)

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8, Nov. 2017

Stated their calling for the IRS to inform me that they are suing me. I have never owed the IRS money

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25, Oct. 2017

They continue you to call, sometimes 2 times a day.

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15, Apr. 2016

He hung up on me again.

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11, Dec. 2015

they pretend they are IRS, i think they are cheaters!!!

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7, Oct. 2015

said that they are from the American vets, which is NOT true @ all!

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31, Aug. 2015

left threatening message that this was final call from IRS before filing a lawsuit against me. What is the point of these calls? Just pranksters???

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13, Apr. 2015

I would like this number blocked from that #

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26, Feb. 2015

The caller told me I had won a new Mercedes and 2.5 million dollars.

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29, Jan. 2015

I ask everytime for them to stop.

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11, Dec. 2014

have asked this company twice to remove our number from the call list.

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14, Oct. 2013

This place constantly calls me. I have asked them to stop and take me off their lists. They do not. They hang up on me. They refuse to listen and argue with me. This place calls me several times each and every week for months. DO SOMETHING!

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20, May. 2013

This time they didn't leave a message.

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8, Jan. 2013

They call about 4 times. I have reported them numerous times, yet they continue to call.

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7, Nov. 2012

These people have called me repeatedly and I have told them several times to take me off their list. Please make them stop calling my cell phone!

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15, Aug. 2012

they call 5 times a day and all you hear clicking, over and over, please make them stop!

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15, Aug. 2012

They call constantly and no one comes on. they are driving me crazy!

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12, Jul. 2012

They call once a week from various numbers. This number seems to be the most common.

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19, Jun. 2012

These people call me three times a week. Please have these people stop calling and bothering me.