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  • Regional statistics: Torrance, California has a population of 144963 that is in a county of 3133774 units. The city is in a county that is 4060 square miles.
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29, May. 2019

may be from a fake number, saying it was an "important announcment" about paying for "final expenses" so it may be an insurance scam."

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5, Aug. 2016

Caller ID showed the name given above.

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18, Feb. 2016

I am receiving numerous calls within this week, December 30th, 2013 thru present time January 2, 2014.

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22, Aug. 2015

I have not done business with them and suspect someone sold my # to them.

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18, Nov. 2014

I have reported this number before and the calls continue.I've also attemped to block this number

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5, Sep. 2014

I have called the number back and asked them to remove me and they hang up on me.

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15, Apr. 2014

These people have called every day for the last 2 weeks or so. It's a recorded message.

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15, Jun. 2013

When caller called asked for me. I said to please take me of their list and hung up..Caller called again and my daughter answered and advised him that I had already told him to take me off their list, caller hung up. I called the number and placed a complaint with them. Thank you.