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4, Oct. 2019

This phone number has been calling me and the calls are very unpleasant

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9, Nov. 2018

I went 10 days ago ane made a complaint at the telephone company it does not seem to have got registered. Oh why do they keep telephoning me. I don’t think it is something to laugh about as the person is acting in an odd manner. What sort of law is this?

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30, Jan. 2018

They said they would remove my ph.

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15, Sep. 2016

When I elected to speak to a live person, I requested to take my number off their list again and the person hung up on me.

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29, Jun. 2016

Automated call left message. Ended the message with "thank you, have good day" (note poor English).

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14, May. 2014

They call repeatedly. When I ask them to take me off their list, they hang up. Make them stop, please.

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6, May. 2014

He says he is supporting veterans by offering them free services, not sure what he means but I'm not into that type of stuff. Sounds like some sort of pervert who likes veterans. Sick!

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6, Feb. 2014

These phone calls are total scams!!! Saying approved for a $5000 loan and told me that they already had all my banking information but could not verify it with me for my ever!! I basically called them out that they were scammers (they didnt even have my current address) and the guy started cussing at me saying he was going to show up to my house. I told him he can show up to my house if wants too he will have shotgun in his face when I open the door up!! Scammers!! I hope people really do not fall for this crap!!

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1, Aug. 2013

This number called several times yesterday and hung up on us and have called numerous times in the last few weeks. They have been told 2 different times to not call any more.

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30, Jul. 2013

this number every day about the same time.

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16, Jan. 2013

There was no one on the line when we answered.

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22, Aug. 2012

"Wait for the next available operator". I cannot tell a recording to leave me alone.

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4, Jun. 2012

They called called again twice.

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30, May. 2012

Elite Recovery and Refund Management ----- Scam!