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28, Feb. 2020

It's the "lower your credit card debt" people again. I've asked nicely for them to stop calling, more than once. fix this crap

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26, Jun. 2019

The calls sent to it wind up in the voicemail box.

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30, May. 2019

I turned the ringer off on the line that this came in because I work from home and I cannot have this line ringing for twenty to twenty five times.

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21, Nov. 2017

I've received several calls from this number and it leaves an automated message about lowering interest rates.

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2, Aug. 2017

Voicemail text shows: "Back from you ---------possible before we proceed with any further in any legal manner my direct call back number is 424-572-2655 again the number is 424-572-2655 thank you ... Since I have no known legal matter pending that I know of, I am assuming this is spam or a phishing call. Will block on further attempts to contact me.

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12, May. 2017

I said we do not have any computer problems & asked him to please remove our number from his calling list.

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7, Feb. 2017

This # is only 4 digits away from mine so I called back and asked for b(6).

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6, Jul. 2016

They called and no message was left, unknown who this is

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20, Jan. 2016

they call and when i answer, they hang up.

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1, Dec. 2015

Yes, you answer quickly, they hangup. Might be gang related 'see if you're home' kinda calls.

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18, Jun. 2014

This was a text message Scam

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21, Mar. 2014

very persistent and rude caller.

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19, Jun. 2012

I've stopped answering them. Home security. MAKE THEM STOP!!!

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13, Feb. 2012