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27, Sep. 2019

These calls are costing me money.

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15, Aug. 2019

Repeatedly asked this company to stop calling without positive results.

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10, Apr. 2018

I finally answered once and they claim to be from Planned Parenthood.

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6, Sep. 2017

After that we received a call from Flor Fernandez from the cancellation department who said would call back.

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21, Nov. 2016

I called the number and they wont allow incomming calls.

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22, Oct. 2016

they use other numbers too ie 4044187448

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6, Jun. 2016

This supposed person, responded to a Craigslist listing and asked to pay me via paypal. "She" said she'd forward extra shipping money so that her private mover could pick it up. Upon requesting her personal information, all she provided was luna.clara71@gmail.com. Obviously a scammer trying to get into people's Paypal accounts. Beware!

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25, Feb. 2016

Its for medical compensation-every phone call i tell them to stop calling.

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2, Oct. 2015

When we try to confront them they just hang up.

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23, Aug. 2014

Answered the call but the line was dead. another marketer.