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24, Oct. 2016

Thanks for the info, glad I found this website after searched the phone number on google. It really helped me a lot.

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18, Aug. 2016

Thisis the 3rd call today from the same company.

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11, Apr. 2016

I submitted a complaint on Friday and here it is Monday and I have another unwanted marketing nuisance call.

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12, Jun. 2013

We answer and nothing happens. No recording. No person on the line.

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4, Dec. 2012

Sent me a text saying I won a 1000 dollar Best Buy gift card. Not sure how it got my number.

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1, Dec. 2012

They just texted me I won a $1000 gift card to Best Buy

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20, Nov. 2012

text "winner at BEST BUY" - scam

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18, Apr. 2012

Said he found a cell phone belonging to one of our employees but that particular person doesn't have a cell phone (strange but true) so don't know if it's a prank or he really did find someone's phone.