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2, Oct. 2019

They still call 3 or 4 times daily.

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29, Jun. 2018

This caller has been calling me at the same time at 10:36am two days in a roll. I never picked up. It's highly suspicious since no human would call others at the exact time minute two days in a roll.

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30, Jan. 2018

This automated call offered a free luxury vacation for completing a survey.

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14, Nov. 2017

The calls usually occur on the first Sunday of the month and occur 2-3 times on those Sundays.

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27, Oct. 2017

NO ANSWER, NO MESSAGE - Subject matter of the call: Dropped call or no message

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26, Oct. 2017

This is a violation of Dodd Frank!

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28, Sep. 2017

This was a robo call from Heather of Credit Card Services.

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22, Sep. 2017

Just got a call at 3:32 PST. Left no message.