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18, Jun. 2019

I did not talk to them.

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24, Nov. 2018

House rental scammer! Beware!

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24, Nov. 2018

House rental scammer ! Beware!!!

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10, Oct. 2018

Could not tell them to stop calling as it is a recorded call.

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12, Aug. 2018

We are on the do not call list and this caller refuses to stop calling.

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18, Jul. 2018

Hostile comments with no apparent purpose.

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17, Jul. 2018

This guy is going by Raymond & contacted me with the same scenario With mother moving to town cleaning 3 days a week. Originally contacted me with another number ‭+1 (215) 914-9574‬ then said he lost the phone. The address he gave me was not a rental & wanted me to deposit check keep remaining & would give me a account number to deposit the rest in. When asked him about it never got a response back. Definitely be careful

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11, Feb. 2018

I get 5 calls per day!

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27, Dec. 2017

did not pickup unrecognized number. no message

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26, Oct. 2017

This lady said her name was Karen (voice accent sounded like she was from India). The number my phone showed she called from was 1-443-970-3267. I dialed that number and got a Verizon message stating that # has been changed, disconnected or no longer in service. The # this Karen lady said to call in her message was 424-261-8178... I called that number twice & it just rang with no answer. Anyway, this lady said she was calling me in regards to a $300 computer services charge she was going to refund for me. (Big Red Flag)

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23, Oct. 2017

They sometimes call up to 100 times in a day.

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19, Oct. 2017

It is the second time they called this week.

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21, Nov. 2015

The call was disconnected before I could answer.

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3, Oct. 2015

calls and insists I go to my computer and do what they tell me because its infected

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12, Aug. 2015

Had to hang up as he would not listen/stop talking when I tried to end call.

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25, Sep. 2014

Caller ID displayed Clinical Research VM message geared to people with COPD and a test drug being offered to qualified people.

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17, May. 2014

When you call the number back, you are immediately routed to a recorded call explaining how you can enter your phone number into their internal 'do not call database.' I have down this on more than one occasion, and still continue to receive calls from this spammer.

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8, Feb. 2014

this call starts with a recording then goes to a live person. i've tried on at least 5 occasions to ask them to stop calling, but as soon as i begin to tell them not to call me, they hang up.

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5, Feb. 2014

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31, Dec. 2013

They keep calling. They block caller ID too, so to deceive people who it is.

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28, Aug. 2013

Operates under this number and 716.226.6214, jasonmarc88@gmail, tiffany tasch, and bridgethaves899@gmail. Works craigslist on musical instrument scams using Paypal.

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21, Jun. 2013

This is the second time this company has called asking for my information.