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19, Oct. 2019

When our answering machine picks up the calling party disconnects.

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1, Oct. 2019

I NEVER NEVER NEVER give out this call to businesses because of the cost.

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1, May. 2018

This was a recorded message telling me I can reduce my credit card interest rate.

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27, Sep. 2017

eBay scam. said he would pay me extra to take my sofa off the listing. Sofa was selling for $450 and he sent me a check for $2k. Asked me to deposit it then he would give me the info for the shipping company to wire the rest of the money to that was going to pick up the couch. No way.

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2, May. 2017

when I started to ask if I could be taken off their calling list he hung up on me.

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14, Mar. 2016

I receive at least one or two calls per day from this company and have asked several times to be taken off their list.

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20, Feb. 2015

Please stop these calls I am on the do not call list

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7, Jan. 2015

I was contacted by facebook as a friend request

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24, May. 2014

This phone number calls several times a week. When I called back, it said to enter my phone number. I do not trust it.

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15, Jan. 2014

I thought I had found a TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE apartment on Craigslist. This guy gave waaaay too much information about his personal life. The idiot ask me for $600 BEFORE viewing an apartment! You don't pay for anything before you're allowed to even see it! These are emails I've received... The house is a 2 bedroom but i used as a one bed with mainly cloths and a small office space in the other room. It is available for rent furnished or unfurnished. Holding deposit is 1 month rent @ $600/MO which would be converted to Security deposit should you choose to accept tenancy agreement. Lease agreement is perfect. The parking space is first come, first serve but i can guarantee you will always get a space as there are not much cars parked on the street. As you will agree, it will be difficult for me to come down all the way from Canada and also being that i cannot leave my mother all alone due to her condition. There is a viewing prearrangement made with a very close friend, a Lawyer who lives in Golden, Illinois. He has the keys and will be able to come and show you the inside if all requirements are met. His name is Vincent Genella and I trust him. My previous agent was laid off due to incompetence by approving an application with no job history, no credit, just one reference who happens to forge a signature as an Employer. An individual who my so called house manager refused to evict even when most of the surrounding neighbors also complained about his activities and he almost daily violated the clause of the lease guaranteeing Peaceful Enjoyment of the property. I called the police on him 4 times, two other neighbors called the police. I just got him evicted finally and renovated the place. There is a Restraining order on the house as of now to keep it safe. Please contact Vincent Genella; guyvinceg@gmail.com Gerhard did make an arrangement with me concerning his property for rent. We really appreciate your cooperation and understanding towards this process despite the circumstances involved. Thank you. I have the keys to the property here in Golden, Illinois and I can over to conduct a showing. As a matter of fact, I visited the property 2 weeks ago to conduct a viewing for a couple that were interested in buying but the deal stalled because they couldn't secure the job they hoped for in that area. To begin this pre arrangement, I need you to fill it out an Application, co-sign a Holding Agreement (attached to this email) and return via email together with a transfer receipt as proof of Holding Process fee. I will legally request a consumer report that will contain information about your credit characteristics, character, general reputation, lifestyle, rental history(i.e information from previous landlords or from public records like housing court or eviction files). This will be prepared by a CRA - a business that assembles such reports for us and will help us evaluate your rental applications and will include the following : 1. A credit report from a credit bureau, either from Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax or an affiliate company; 2. A report from a tenant-screening service that describes the applicant's rental history based on reports from previous landlords or housing court records; 3. A report from a tenant-screening service that describes the applicant's rental history, and also includes a credit report the service got from a credit bureau; 4. A report from a tenant-screening service that is limited to a credit report the service got from a credit bureau 5. A report from a reference-checking service that contacts previous landlords or other parties listed on the rental application on behalf of the rental property owner. I will have this documents reviewed (conduct proper checks on your references and credit score- No Administration Fee Required). Upon completion, i will forward all details/results to Gerhard for his approval after which i will provide you with a date to meet me at the property to view the inside. I will be coming with a Rental Contract for 6 months so you can sign in-person if everything suites you. You can extend such contract after the completion of 6 months. In the event of the tenancy going through i.e everything suites you after the viewing and you have signed a Rental Lease, the Holding fee will then be converted to Security deposit/Last Month rent protected or held by Gerhard throughout the term of the tenancy. I hope you understand that there is good demand for this property and he may lose other prospective tenants if you cause unnecessary delay or decline the tenancy at the last minute..If for any reason you decline the tenancy, you get a full refund of the Holding fee. I believe this is fair enough If you need me to clarify any part of this, please feel free to write back. Regards. Please find attached the Application and also an Holding Deposit Agreement(which also serves as a legal Receipt for the holding fee). Please go over the terms on the Holding Deposit Agreement properly before you sign it. I will want both documents scanned and returned together with a transfer receipt(as proof of payment) of the Holding fee. Please obtain a transfer receipt by visiting www.moneygram.com to find the nearest Agent Location (use a shop/gas station or Wallmart) where you can make a transfer of the agreed fee directly to your landlord as the receiver with the information below; Receiver's Name : GERHARD SCHUBE Receiver's Address : 816 McDougall Rd N.E , Calgary, AB. T2E 5A4 Once you have completed the transfer, please send a scanned copy of the Transfer Receipt in an attachment together with the Application and co-signed Holding Agreement and i will take it from there by doing the necessary reference reviews and credit checks. The date for showing will be schedule next day when the analysis on your credit report have been received. If you need further assistance, please feel free to ask for clarification. Regards. PS - USE 'SAME DAY SERVICE'

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11, Jan. 2014

This number calls me constantly over the last month. I never answer, they never leave a message. It's annoying. I've been on the do not call registry for a year.

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24, Aug. 2013

We get calls from companies and we can usually call and be taken off their list. I called these guys and told them we are on a Do Not Call List. I asked how to be taken off their list and he didn't know.

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6, Aug. 2013

This number is coming to a cell phone, so no unsolicited calls are permitted. I find other complaints about this no.. Thanks.

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14, Jun. 2013

This number called my home phone and then my cell phone within 5 minutes. the number came up anonymous on my caller id.

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10, May. 2013

This recording does not disclose what company they are from. When i get through to person and ask who they are they rudely hang up. this happens approx 3-4 times per week and on weekend and nights also.

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8, Mar. 2013

unknown name of company...hangs up when answering machine comes on...

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12, Jul. 2012

They call several times a day and several times a week. I told them that I was not interested in anything they have to sell and yet they keep calling. Please put a stop to them. There are lots of complaints against this number.

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22, Jun. 2012

These people call me several times a day. I called them back to say that I want to be off there call list. I continued to get calls from them. When I finally answered the phone when they called, I told the man to stop calling me and he hung up, like he gets many people telling him to stop calling.

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10, May. 2012

Once the recorded message completes and a person is summoned to speak with, they hang up after being informed of the no call status and repeated requests to discontinue calling. I have no credit cards.

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18, Apr. 2012

I have requested them to stop texting me their \\\\\\\"cat facts updates\\\\\\\" and they refuse to stop. Whomever is texting sent me a code to unsubscribe, they replied \\\\\\\"do you really want to unsubscribe?\\\\\\\" and if do reply YES. I replied yes and they replied \\\\\\\"insufficient code\\\\\\\". And keep texting everyday.