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18, Oct. 2019

Apparently many telemarketers do not reference the DNC registry.

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7, Jun. 2018

My experience was almost identical to others. . rude, asked for my husband, refused to tell me what he wanted, snot nosed brat who didn't realize he was actually talking to the co-owner, because, what, I'm a woman???. . . yeah, a woman with both Mechanical and Plumbing contractor's licenses who handles ALL of the day to day operations, from billing to employees. What a little fool.

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5, Jun. 2018

These are a few for December.

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19, Apr. 2018

I answered the phone and they started their spiel about lowering credit card debts, so I hung up then blocked their number from calling again!

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1, May. 2017

This is a scamming company.

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28, Feb. 2017

Robocall from various numbers and they state they were calling due to federal law changes regarding mortgages.

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11, Jan. 2016

recorded message, mortgage lender

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5, Jun. 2015

called,,,no message left

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2, Jul. 2014

No Caller ID Silent Hang up calls from this unknown caller out of Santa Monica ,CA.

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20, May. 2014

They call this number more then one. When i pick up, a recording message come out but when you try to call back to let them know to stop calling there is no ring tone or any sound on the other line.

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19, Feb. 2013

They call 2 or 3 times a day!

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17, Aug. 2012

These people continually call us. I have asked them many times not to call, and one called me a bad name before hanging up. I do not qualify for their services and again ask them not to call. I just received another call today.