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16, Dec. 2016

They gave me another number 877-999-7705 to call and I received a message to contact the FTC .

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30, Aug. 2016

IRS scam ..trying to make me think that they're filing lawsuits against me.

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25, Aug. 2016

They called claiming that they were the IRS. The number did not search to the IRS.

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23, Aug. 2016

Told me I was being sued by the IRS.

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28, May. 2015

tries to befriend woman online dating sites and then asks for money

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11, Feb. 2015

I think this is one of those prank or scam calls to see if they can get info from you. I picked up and did not speak and the caller was quiet knowing I am there but not speaking.

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15, Jul. 2013

They call repeatedly throughout the day. I spoke to someone and asked not to be called. They continue to call!

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20, May. 2013

They called today. When I answered, no one spoke. How can I get them to stop?

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27, Mar. 2013

This was not a phone call but a unwanted text message.

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13, Mar. 2013

This number called my cell at early in the morning and rang 2 times then hung up. They called back later and neither time, left a message. It is a company which has other numbers that call - also.

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28, Jan. 2013

They call continually. All hours, even after my granddaughter has gone to bed.

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10, Oct. 2012

they call 3-4 times a day and usually do not say anything when you answer!

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14, Jul. 2012

they call several times during the day. no voice message left..

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6, Jun. 2012

I pressed the button to be removed from the telemarketing list, but this has never worked on this recording before, so I doubt it worked this time.