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1, Feb. 2020

They do not give a name and the message is a recorded one.

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8, Jul. 2019

I cannot block this number since it will cost me money on a monthly basis.

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22, Jun. 2019

Someone stole my identity from my Medical File.

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20, Sep. 2018

Sends explicit pics

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13, May. 2018

We have did that several times & they still keep calling.

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30, Apr. 2018

They ask for a lady named marina.

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16, Jan. 2018


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1, Mar. 2017

Real bastards. Called about contracting work; I chewed the guy out for wasting my time and hung up. Got an immediate call back threatening me. Hung up again, They called back three more times. I answered it again and there were more threats. from them.

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21, Apr. 2016

called number, outgoing message says no rep is available at this time, if you believe u have been called by mistake press 1 to be added to do not call list..thank you

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14, Dec. 2015

ID show Santa Monica, CA. Now is blocked!

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12, Sep. 2015

Programmed home phone to block calls months ago, but calls are still attempted.

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20, Aug. 2015

Charlie(female) called my phone number with Harris and Associats law office saying my contact information was left as a point of contact for someone else. The person got into some legal trouble and that her or her attotney need to cotnact them immediately.

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12, Aug. 2015

Hangs up when I ask to help her.

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22, Jun. 2015

Multiple unwanted phone calls on my cell from this number.

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25, Nov. 2014

Text me inquiring on an item I have for sale on Craigslist. The language he used was obvious broken english..

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16, Jun. 2014

This was a recorded message about accepting the call or leaving a voicemail. They have called at least three times now!

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30, Apr. 2014

They call no one on the other end or no electronic message. This number is constantly calling people and hanging up. They call me I fill out this form.

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10, Jan. 2014

they call everyday, several times a day, we have asked them each time to take our name off the list, one called my husband an a--Hole because he said he was tired of the calls and to quit calling.

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2, Jan. 2014

This is to inform you that I received a call from this phone number again. I do not recognize this number. It may be nothing, but I thought you should know.

davey crocket
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2, Oct. 2013

I received a message from the same number in regards to my craigslist ad. The original message looks as if it might have been triggered by a bot - it merely echoed the title of my ad and the cost. When i replied asking if they were interested the response contained poorly written english. The person said that they were at work, and I quote: "am at work right now on sea, am an oceanography am willing to pay your asking price".... the message continued that they were willing to pay via check and that they would add $50 for me to hold the item while they arranged pickup. 1. i posted only in indiana, not california which is the 424 area code of the number in question 2. i didn't ask their occupation Everything felt wrong to me so I added the number to my block list.

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28, Jun. 2013

This is the 4th time they have called.. I want this to stop .. I do not know who it is ..

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6, Dec. 2012

They call about several times a day, have asked not to call. On more than 10 time they call for me and know my wife. the phone number comes up a just a 1 on the caller id and unknown name so for company number I put a 1 and then all 0 after it.