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28, Aug. 2018

The company will call at least 2-4 times in one day, never leaving messages when the answering machine picks up.

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20, Feb. 2018

This person calls 3 to 4 times almost every day.

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30, Jan. 2018

They called me on 10/28, 10/31 and today.

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26, Jan. 2015

FOP Ongoing violation of law.

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2, Aug. 2013

They keep calling, leaving a message and asking for my Mother, keep saying hello even though it is an answering machine. Mother has been dead for 6 years. When I called back won't speak to me, insist they speak to my mother.

L.A. Joe
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28, Mar. 2012

some kind of exchange / boiler room. Left no message but made sure to stay on line long enough to trip my voice mail. When I called back I was stonewalled as to who they are and what they wanted..