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6, Aug. 2019

usually twice a day, and never leaves a message.

TS Transsexual
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11, Jun. 2018

Sends pictures of his junk. Avoid.

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21, Feb. 2018

1st call when I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was hung up on.

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29, Oct. 2017

I put my name on the tha do not call list in Jan.

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20, Apr. 2016

Otherwise I am never up at 4 in the morning.

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21, Dec. 2015

and sometimes several times per day.

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10, Dec. 2015

They call once or twice a week.

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4, Jun. 2015

I actually answered my phone, and spoke to Sandy. Same script as everyone else... referred by a friend, you have great communication and people skills. Looking for someone like me to grow the company in Torrance. She told me the company is Prime America, and they are looking for part-time and full-time employees. Asked if I wanted to meet for an interview, but I figured it would be a cattle call, where they find suckers to join.... NO THANKS!

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3, Jun. 2015

I am going to report every unwanted call that my phone receives from now on.

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16, Aug. 2014

I have asked them to put me on do not call list multiple times over the last year but they keep on calling my cell phone.

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19, Apr. 2014

This person calls every day, seven days a week. He was told that whom they are trying to reach, they can be reached at this number. Help.

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10, Mar. 2014

These robo calls are now rampant. I'm certain you receive countless complaints about this as well other such callers. It's a DAILY annoyance by these people. I have caller ID and simply do not answer. But if not home, the answering machine fills up with the loud "if you'd like to make a call/ then clanging' as they do not disconnect on their own. PLEASE HELP.

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11, Jan. 2014

When you call back you cannot talk to anyone...a recording comes on and hangs up.

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10, Jun. 2013

Calling my home number. Multiple calls a day. No message.

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8, Sep. 2012

Scammer on CL dont sell to him..