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15, Jun. 2019

You do not need to follow up with me.

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13, Sep. 2018

These people have called me NINE times in 3 days.

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14, Aug. 2018

I do not know what else I can do to get these harassing calls to stop.

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25, Jan. 2018

As these are long distance calls for me I do not waste my money to call them back.

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27, Apr. 2017

As soon as I block one number it calls back on another number every day, all hours.

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1, Oct. 2016

They even called on New Years day, Who does this?

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30, Jan. 2016

The calls ask fishing questions about health issues or say my number has been referred by a health provider.

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13, Mar. 2015

Verison Business Landline Lakewood NJ.

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13, May. 2014

Called two days in a row. Will not leave voicemail.

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5, Jun. 2013

This number keeps calling and either no one is there or they won't give me their name and they won't quit calling even after i told them i was on the do not call. Said i gave them my number. I did not do this and i want them to stop calling me and i told them this but they keep calling!

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7, Mar. 2012

comes up as private, leave no message, call 3 times a day