Area Code 419

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Area code: 419
State: Ohio
Country: USA
6, Nov. 2018

This man left a voicemail. He said that if I don't get in contact before the end of the day, my bill will be given to the police. He kept saying that this ws urgent. When I dialed the number, I got a message that said that the person wasn't available. I left voicemails. I don't understand where to turn.

6, Nov. 2018

I am really wondering whether the reps who phone have sufficient energy go on talking the same thing. When I visited the hotel one of the employees received a call from the same punk. The guy who received the call got so worried that he almost went down on his knees almost begging the agent who calls to stop the telephone calls and allow the worker to carry on with his work without any disturbance. I did not think it was anything to laugh about as my wife is not aware about the irksome telephone calls that I have been getting recently. My wife thinks I am a champion and I would liuke her to continue to think like that everyday.

6, Nov. 2018

This person won't quit calling my young son's mobile phone. They say they're calling about hospital bills. We insisted that they cease calling, but they still call. What would you do?

6, Nov. 2018

They called me yesterday. Wen I picked up the call the woman was like, what is your name? I said where are you calling from? She said a social security number. Unbelievable. She didn't know tee person she was speaking to. I asked her again about who she wad with but she told me to answer her questions and then would she tell me who she is. It took me omre than 5 minutes to convince her to tell me the name of the collection agency. I eventually hung up the telephone. Very obnoxious people.

6, Nov. 2018

This telephone number calls my elderly father on his mobile phone constantly. It is always for someone they don't know. They try and ignore the calls but thye don't stop. Where can I report this company?

5, Nov. 2018

Don't know why Buckeye Payroll Services is phoning. I wonder if they are going to give me a credit card.

3, Nov. 2018

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

3, Nov. 2018

I always get regular telephone calls from this number and I have had it. This caller told me that the debt collection agency will send someone to my office with legal papers. I am not sure of what I should do.

2, Nov. 2018

We got at least 11 weird cell phone calls. There is no reason I should get these damn telephone calls.

17, Oct. 2018

He said he is a recruiter with an employment company and he was asking questions. Said that I inquired on a site. It sounded like a recording and there was a big pause between questions. I ended up hanging up on him

14, Oct. 2018

Made multiple requests for this company to stop calling.

12, Oct. 2018

I am sick and tired of the persistent calls.

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