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12, Oct. 2018

I am sick and tired of the persistent calls.

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28, Mar. 2016

Google maps SPAM

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6, Feb. 2014

They call 3 times a day, almost every single day. Caller ID only says Mansfield Ohio - no person's name or company. They never leave a message

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26, Dec. 2013

could of been a prank call, said my credit card has been used several times in the last few days, am I aware of its use, just goes on and on a recorder message.

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11, Apr. 2013

This number is an employment service. If you call back the options are press 1 to get more info on a job opportunity or 9 if you no longer wish to receive calls. After pressing 9, simply enter your phone number including the area code then press #.

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23, Mar. 2013

I will continue to register complaints until the calls stop. I DO NOT BELIEVE, FOR 1 SECOND, THAT THEY WILL STOP CALLING ONLY BECAUSE I ASKED THEM TO. They have never stopped before, so I doubt they will until the feds step in and force them to stop. Please do something about this situation.