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8, May. 2019

Have received numerous calls and the last two calls was given option to stop further calls by pressing No.

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28, Apr. 2019

company is a retail energy supplier

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16, Apr. 2019

Has called me like 15 times in the past week. Answered a couple times and they said nothing. Have never left a voicemail. I assume it's a scam but I put unknown jic

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25, Nov. 2018

I got a cell call from CNAC I want them to stop calling.

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30, Jan. 2018

I am very tired of being disturbed by these constant callers trying to sell me something.

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21, Nov. 2014

The words that appeared in the caller ID were Business Class.

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6, Mar. 2013

When I answer there is no one there. When I don't answer, no message is left. Multiple calls over the past few days.