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  • Regional statistics: Mansfield, Ohio has a population of 50310 that is in a county of 49534 units. The city is in a county that is 497 square miles. 419-775 is available through the regional telephone switch # WLDROHXARP0 in the Mansfield area.
  • Other cities located around Mansfield: Cridersville (419-773) Ada (419-772) Toledo (419-776) Galion (419-777)
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23, Apr. 2019

Unsolicited call from "Independent Council on Aging" claiming they wanted to send somebody over to discuss benefits that my 90 year old mother may be entitled to. Says this is not a sales call and a free service. Turns out this is nothing more than an insurance company trying to get their foot in the door. Caller ID lists as SSID INS PART. Misleading as Hell.

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8, Apr. 2018

Told the lady on the line to remove me AGAIN and that I was going to register a complaint with the FCC.

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27, Sep. 2014

Same kind of story, got a call from 419-203-7925 and they said I left my phone number to a minor on a chat line, which I did not. Told me that a detective was on it and they wanted me to pay their phone bills, which I did (stupid me). I had the call recorded and them acknowledging that they will not contact me again. 5-6 hours after I hung up, they called again asking for more. It is a scam, don't fall for it.

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31, Jan. 2013

They call every week and when I ask for info. to be removed from their list and do not call they hang up.

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4, Jan. 2013

This number texted me and left a very sexual demeaning message.

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3, Jan. 2013

These calls come from some company.

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2, Jan. 2013

They called again and again.

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1, Jan. 2013

These people keep calling me and I ask them to take my number off their list. When I say that I am on the do not call list they the say the only way they will stop calling is when I use their services. This is harrassment and the reason the do not call list was made.

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15, Oct. 2012

The caller was in the Sales Department for USA Vacations, located in Florida. I called the number back to see if it was a real number. It was. Initially, the call was made by an automatic dialer. It stated that if I wished to talk to someone, I should push #1. I did this only to be able to obtain their number.

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21, Jul. 2012

These guys call every week. I keep telling them they are soliciting a number on the do not call list, but they keep calling.