Area Code 418

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Area code: 418
State: Quebec
Country: Canada
22, Mar. 2019

No kidding, Warranty was good for 5 years, 50,000 miles, and purchased in 2002.

15, Mar. 2019

I asked to be taken off their call list (recorded message).

15, Mar. 2019

Trina Saying she was from washington dc and works with microsoft.

8, Mar. 2019

Même chose ici !! Du harcèlement téléphonique. À tous les jours et ils sont insistants, impolis et fraudeurs probablement.

7, Mar. 2019

I could hear numerous voices in the background.

6, Mar. 2019

Sent a text me me February 2, 2017 saying "SCOTIA:ALERT For security reasons, your account is temporarily suspended. Please verify your information : *Shortened URL*". The shortened URL no longer works for "violating terms", and I have no connections to Scotiabank, so it's probably a scam.

Raymond Messier
26, Feb. 2019

Scam You received money, see: .ga stand for Gabon ??? The false Desjardins presentation is not exactly the same than rhe site.

18, Jan. 2019

Selling viagara and other generic drugs

27, Dec. 2018

Québec fier, un parti politique de droite

30, Nov. 2018

They call often and impossible to stop their calls...and they don't leave any message like some bad or stupid persons.

28, Nov. 2018

The caller ID on my phone would only show the phone number, no company name.

19, Nov. 2018

20 juillet, 22018 , 18h13, même que mentionné plus haut, on répond et après quelques secondes, on entend Goodbye -- peut-on bloquer ce numéro! Anonyme

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