Area Code 417

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Area code: 417
State: Missouri
Country: USA
19, Nov. 2018

I asked him to remove us from his list and never call again and then he told me that he would just call back later.

19, Nov. 2018

We get telephone calls on our home phone and our mobile number constantly. The caller always leaves the exact same voicemail. They refuse to talk to my husband when he telephones. TThe agent only wants to speak to me. He can't get the person to say the namee of the business. The phone number on the voicemail is different than the telephone number they call from. Can we sue them?

18, Nov. 2018

This phone number calls every day and never leaves a message. When we answer the telephone, there is a robot voice.

15, Nov. 2018

I called this debt collection agency back. The collector woh picked up the telephone was incredibly rude. Why should I give them my neighbor's DL#? Those folks should be sued. Next time they call I'll tell them where to put it.

15, Nov. 2018

Why is # calling us? I think it is coming from a bank but I'm unsure.

15, Nov. 2018

We think that the mobile calls are coming from a cosmopolitan. I simply can't explain why the caller gives the phone calls from totally different towns. My roommate laughingly suggested that the representative who telephones maybe living in a moving train. The cell calls keep coming without fail and we are unable to track the phone calls as they are from all over the world. You globe trotter just wait until I trace you and glue you to your chair.

15, Nov. 2018

My husband told me this telephone number is from Central States Legal Service. Can someone say if that's correct?

15, Nov. 2018

The number that called me was from the Zebra, a website that acts as a search engine for car insurance. While I was browsing the site, a telemarketer for them called. Creepy.

14, Nov. 2018

Thia debt collector started calling some days ago searching for my aunt. I've told Central Adjustment Company every single time to never call again. Still they telephone all the time. I wish this could end forever.

14, Nov. 2018

Today I received a telephone call from these creeps. Jordan or whoever it was said I owed big bucks for a loan. I have never gotten that kind of loan. This dude said I should pay off the loan now or get sued in three days for $1200. He said they would take me to court in New Jersey but I do not even know anybody there. I'm freaked out and do not know who to call.

14, Nov. 2018

I can't figure why Central Adjustment Company phoned, since I never have had an account at that bank, but my mother does. The bank should not calling my cell phone. Why would the bank be calling me? It's not even my account.

10, Nov. 2018

This phone number plus a ton of others are calling my cell phone. Every time a wrong number. Time to call a lawyer.

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