Area Code 415

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Area code: 415
State: California
Country: USA
9, Dec. 2018

chinese jibberish on a recorded message, i blocked their number

9, Dec. 2018

415-909-4294 Country: USA 415 area code: California (San Francisco) Report a phone call from 415-909-4294 This is a robot call for health insurance. It is a scam They will offer you health or life insurance for unbelievably low yearly or monthly rates with incredible low out of pocket deductions, hard deal to pass up. That's what they want you to think. they ask for all of your information to include name, address, birthdate, SSN#, credit card number for monthly charge of insurance premium and then they run up charges on your card and sell your Iinformation on the dark web for others to totally screw you over both financially and personally. Unfortunately, people still fall for these scams. The scammers may have to call 1000 numbers before someone bites, dont be that person. If you dont recognize the number let it go to voice mail. If it is someone you know they will leave a message if not, it is probably a scammer trolling for thier next victim just block the number and go about your day. Reply!

7, Dec. 2018

No msg. also similar call from (415)852-3026 and (415)852-9512. Tried calling back and it is answered, but silent. I don't know anybody in Cali.

Not Necessary
7, Dec. 2018

9:33am received an Automated call stating my credit card had two purchases placed on it. I was to press a number for a live agent to have the purchases removed from my credit card. It's a scam! They expect you to give your credit card number to them so they can pretend to reimburse your card, meanwhile they clean out your account. I've had numerous calls from these morons/losers within the last few days, they use different numbers each time. Remember: DO NOT ever give out your information or credit card number over the phone, if in your bank!

5, Dec. 2018

** HEALTH INSURANCE SCAM ALERT ** This was yet another automated robo-call that started "Hi, this is Ann with an important message about health care options" and then talks about how I have a limited time to enroll. I pressed 2 to "remove me from their list" over and over and they hung up on me. They never mention the name of the company or any other identifying information, yet they want people to give them their personal and medical information. Since these people obviously won’t stop calling, I think it's time to fight back by wasting their time. Here's my idea: pick it up, press 1 to talk to a person, then pretend you called them about ordering a pizza or your cable TV is out or you need a plumber. Or if you're bored, just keep saying you're hard of hearing and can they repeat everything. If enough of us waste enough of their time, maybe they'll finally find it unprofitable to continue calling people. My cell phone is on the FTC and State of FL do not call list. Their previous calls: 6:29 PM 12/5/18 415-528-2225: 2x in 1 day; while I'm eating dinner! 10:49 am 12/5/18 469-449-0066 9:48 am 12/4/18 323-599-4053 10:39 AM 11/17/18 407-457-3567; SATURDAY! 10:50 AM 11/12/18 207-393-2012 9:18 AM 11/1/18 201-241-2414 10:26 AM 10/31/18 346-262-4047 4:42 PM 10/29/18 806-391-1331 12:52 PM 10/25/18 650-237-8840, 2x in 1 day 9:35 AM 10/25/18 415-200-1866 3:33 10/17/18 415-200-0596 11:00 AM 9/19/18 201-215-6415 10:21 AM 9/13/18 201-204-4226 4:46 PM 9/12/18 ‭201-204-5078‬, AN HOUR LATER! 3:20 PM 9/12/18 ‭201-204-5078‬ 9:55 AM 9/11/18 ‭201-204-5437‬ 3:10 PM 9/10/18 ‭201-204-5686‬, 2x in 1 day 9:29 AM 9/10/18 ‭201-204-9991‬ 5:45 PM 9/8/18 215-144-7845 (Saturday) 2:47 PM 9/7/18 ‭201-205-2098‬, 2x in 1 day 9:41 AM 9/7/18 201-205-2392 12:31 PM 9/6/18 ‭201-205-2777‬ 4:57 PM 9/5/18 201-205-3032, 2x in 1 day 10:36 AM 9/5/18 ‭201-205-4319‬ 2:59 PM 9/4/18 ‭201-205-5872‬ 3:26 PM 9/3/18 201-205-6766 4:04 PM 8/31/18 ‭201-205-7881‬ 5:13 PM 8/29/18 201-200-0259, 2x in 1 day 12:01 PM 8/29/18 ‭951-426-2860‬ 9:17 AM 8/27/18 ‭304-350-1898‬ 3:48 PM 8/24/18 robocall left a message, 3x in 1 day 3:00 PM 8/24/18 ‭304-350-1841‬ 9:21 AM 8/24/18 ‭343-887-1137‬ 5:58 PM 8/23/18 robocall left a message 1:42 PM 8/23/18 901-922-5833 3:44 PM 8/7/18 712-243-5608, 2x in 1 day 11:43 AM 8/7/18 623-537-1607 2:29 PM 8/6/18 623-537-1602 4:54 PM 7/19/18 321-248-2816, 3x in 1 day 3:58 PM 7/19/18 robocall left a message 1:58 PM 7/19/18 407-213-2298, less than 2 hours later 12:48 PM 7/19/18 248-237-4278 11:31 AM 7/18/18 240-252-5483 5:47 PM 7/17/18 240-252-3329; 2x in 1 day 11:19 AM 7/17/18 443-249-7005 12:09 PM 7/13/18 407-213-1309

5, Dec. 2018

they keep calling me

5, Dec. 2018

he placed an order online and when I sent him an email i got a "mail delivery failed" and when I tried to call him the phone asked for a remote access code... BEWARE, ANOTHER BIG SPAMMER!

4, Dec. 2018

I have been receiving debt collection phone calls at work, way too many times per week. Plus, they mail letters at least once a week. The person said I have to hand over $323. I need the calls to stop.

4, Dec. 2018

This phone number called me regarding a past due bill. The agency representative left a voicemail. I do not want to pay.

4, Dec. 2018

The company calls almost every day. When I answer, it's definitely an automated call. I know this because the girl's voice has the same inflections every single time.

3, Dec. 2018

Why is this blast number calling us ? The representative asks to talk to this person I don't even know. They're ticking me off.

3, Dec. 2018

I am not getting the chance to enjoy my bread and butter as planned. I just hate to eat food gone staie. This is not the most suitable time for a telephone call to come. I just don't want to throw the food. What a waste of resources.

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