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12, Dec. 2017

just a different phone number each time.

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19, May. 2017

Received a phone call from this weird number . I looked it up and I think its the collectors called CarterJones Collection Service. No idea why they're bugging me. Can anyone tell me that it's really them?

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19, May. 2017

I think it's CarterJones Collection Service calling. I didn't bother picking up, think it's the collectors. If I don't recognize the phone number I never answer.

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19, May. 2017

Got a call from this strange number . I looked it up and I think its the bill collectors called CarterJones Collection Service. No clue why they're calling. Can someone confirm if its them?

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1, Oct. 2015

We have told businesses like these we are on the do not call listing.

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18, Aug. 2015

I did spoke to a live person, a woman, who had a strong accent which I could not understand.

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11, Nov. 2014

neighborhood confirmed

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27, Apr. 2013

This is the 4th phone call from the same company. I ask them every time to put me on their do not call list. Every time so far, as soon as I say "Put me on your do not call list" they have just hung up on me. When I call the number back it is always busy. This call was made to my cell phone.

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16, Apr. 2013

I received an email in response to a part-time Receptionist job posted I applied for via Craigslist. The email sender identified himself as "Nelson Lee" at this number. He had a fraudulent check mailed to me and told me to cash it and then within less than 24 hours to withdraw $2,200 of the $2,500 and mail it out via Western Union. My bank confirmed the check was fraudulent. I got a call from this number just now but they did not leave a message.

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30, Mar. 2013

This was a recording that I barely understand. It did not give me an option to opt out of receiving a call from them. It told me to press 1 to speak with someone. I waited for the option to opt out and they hung up. This is a cell phone and I don't give this number to many people.

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25, Feb. 2013

Our number has been on the Do Not Call Registry since the Registry started.

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29, Dec. 2012

I received a text message claiming I won a best buy gift card

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8, Nov. 2012

Claimed to be Attorney Michelle Brown in CA, bar number 251367. Said she was in the Dept. of Legal Affairs Investigation. This name and bar number does not appear on the CA bar's web site. WARNING!

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25, Oct. 2012

An Anthony Borden has been calling the business I work for and manage asking for an employee of mine. She said she spoke to him a few weeks ago and had to change her cell number because he wouldn't stop calling saying she has an arrest warrant against her and he'll take care of it for her. He has called the business phone for two days relentlessly (at least 150-200 times) being extremely vulgar, threatening my life, making crude sexual advances at me, etc. We have contacted our local police department, and filed two complaints against the caller and the phone number. They are certain this is a widespread scam, and that the caller may not even be in the country, using a router to redirect his calls from the U.S.

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3, Oct. 2012

This number called my home and cell phone. The man had a very thick Indian accent. He referred to himself as Officer Lewis Carter and told me I needed to call him back about criminal charges under my name and social security number. He also said if you don't return my call I feel sorry for you for the actions that are going to be taken against you. It didn't sound like a recording, but more like a voice disguise of some sort. I called back and no one answered, then I called back again and it was like someone picked up but no one said anything they just listened.

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15, Aug. 2012

They call relentlessly, usually "unknown caller", so am not able to give a phone #. They do not give you a chance to opt out from their calls. I have probably received 50 calls. Help!! I'm so annoyed. Thank you.