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20, Mar. 2018

IRS scam. Text and voicemail message. Had wrong spelling of the word evasion. Said I'm being suied for tax invasion! What a joke!

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19, Oct. 2017

Consumer reports he has gotten over a dozen calls in one day on his cell phone.

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17, Mar. 2017

He said my name was on a list.

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5, Mar. 2017

I contacted Chase and they confirmed that I am in good standing with them and that this is a scam.

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7, Jul. 2015

These bastards have not stopped calling after months of complaints

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23, Jun. 2015

Never got to why he was calling.

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5, Jun. 2015

Called from this number and 323-825-3061 cleaning they are special agents from the IRS asking to call them back. Called back and asked me for all my info. Told them that IRS would never call. They admitted that it was a scam. One guys name is Chris

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21, Jun. 2014

This call is from someone in your circle in Life360, who has hit the HELP button (!), either by mistake or on purpose. You shouldn't ignore it.

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3, Jan. 2014

Crank caller folks posing as telemarketers "trying to raise awareness" for a group called nambla, wanted a physical address and e-mail so they could send a free newsletter... thanks anyway - gotta nuff spam already. PERVERTS!

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31, Dec. 2013

It was actually 415-599-4514. They called multiple times and I ignored them multiple times. Reverse lookup said Level 3 Communications. I'm a realtor so get lots of idiots trying to sell me website designs etc.

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23, Oct. 2013

I've received a call from this # on my cell phone for a few days and now I am receiving text messages from them: the text says, (Notice)416832-Arizona account.Call at 4155990299.

Master David Goodmen
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17, Jun. 2013

This thing has called three times now. I do not answer it, and there is never a message. After reading these comments, I will just block it.