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Hyu G. Rection (nathan robinson)
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31, Aug. 2017

Claims to be a federal investigator and to call him to avoid going to jail. I text messages the number stating that whoever it is and no matter what scam they are trying to pull and how busy they are trying to do so to just take a few seconds and look down at his Weinis. I then said "I'd be pissed off as well if mine was that small but at least we know that God has a sense of humor because only someone with a sense of humor would give them a male reproductive organ so incredibly small but scamming people isn't going to make that thing bro no matter how many people you scam. Except it. Except it. Life will be so much better for you as soon as you do that. Scammer with the absolutely incredibly small Wiener that is assured to always have every women you ever come across to say the same thing after having sex with you, "that wasn't even worth taking my pants off for ", you might want to look into a profession in the adult movie industry. I know what you're thinking how could you do this with something that doesn't amount to anything more than a fraction of a young child's pinky finger. Look, people have weird fetishes and I wholeheartedly with every fiber of my being think that you can make it huge in the adult industry with that thing that's never going to cast a shadow or make a woman moan between his legs. We will see what happens!! Everybody keep your eyes out for "Steve parker" in the adult industry. Hell, I'm rooting for the guy. If anybody ever sees this guy worth tens and tens and tens and hundreds of millions of dollars because of my immensely encouraging advice I just gave him, please contact me at the link below so I can collect my royalties. Thank you'mcalmlikeabomb

Amy Knight Breed
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29, Aug. 2017

They called and left a voicemail saying there was "tax fraud" against me and to call Officer Steve Parker. When I went to call it back the number was not in service. This number is from San Rafeal CA

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7, Oct. 2016

They tried to tell me the IRS was auditing us.

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28, May. 2014

I've stopped answering them. Home security. MAKE THEM STOP!!!

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22, May. 2014

When attempting to talk with a live person to get some background on the company, they always hang up.

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11, Jun. 2013

This was a recorded message on my cell phone. There was no company name listed. I did not request that they stop calling as this was a recorded message. I often get this same message on both my home phone and my cell phone, but the number it is coming from seems to vary.

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20, Jan. 2013

they call daily about buying from them!