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20, Sep. 2018

They have contacted my number several times and always hang up when I get a real person and ask to be removed from their list.

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7, May. 2018

Just received a voice message claiming to be Officer Steve Parker with the IRS

Jeanine A.
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27, Mar. 2018

My cell phone rang at 7 AM from this person. I did not answer. No left no message left. I am so sick of these stupid calls . I get several a day with no by leaving a message

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8, Jan. 2018

When I said it was through the Federal government, she hung up.

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21, Dec. 2017

Had my name and address wrong (similar sounding but different).

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5, Dec. 2017

I have had several of these types of calls from different telephone numbers but with the same recording for seniors.

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3, Nov. 2017

Ya he reportado a ustedes a esta empresa anteriormente y continuan molestandome con sus llamadas no deseadas, por favor detenganlos.

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7, Jul. 2017

Call not answered

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1, Jun. 2017

Same as 2015 poster. Had a call from them yesterday. Trying very hard to get me to sign up/buy protection for my "business credit rating"

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31, May. 2017

Wanted my car ro donate. * NOT A LEGIT CHARITY. Total scam!

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6, Feb. 2017

An exception to this rule exists for entities calling individuals who have requested information about the business.

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18, Aug. 2016

info from my caller Id and voice message.

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3, Aug. 2016

Someone with a deep southern accent (odd in the 415 area code -- San Francisco and Marin) claiming to be from a police officers' beneficial charity tried to solicit me for a donation. I told him that I would be happy to make a donation if they were to send me a solicitation in the mail; I don't make donations over the phone. He hung up on me. SCAM.

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9, Mar. 2016

to claim my free food coupons and medical alert drvice press 1.

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19, Nov. 2015

She states that he is receiving robo calls offering to lower his rate for his cc.

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22, Sep. 2015

They have called several time in the last month.

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30, May. 2015

Frequent calls from them.

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19, May. 2015

Frequent calls, no messages.

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27, Apr. 2015

There was a recorded message about it being a chat line.

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10, Apr. 2015

I realize that the number I have entered appears incomplete, but I copied it exactly from the caller ID screen on my phone: 180-018-0200

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30, Aug. 2014

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1, Apr. 2014

Been calling me asking for Dee Nickerson for nearly 6 years now. Nobody here by that name. I ask to be removed from calling list & they say no, they will call back.

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30, Nov. 2013

Scam and sucky telecom service since massive delays when talking to the fellow. Looks like he gets paid if you agree to listen to the rest of the call.