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22, Sep. 2018

Irritating pre - recorded call, saying that the caller was testing listings in their telephone directory, and that you didn't want to receive pre - dialed calls again, to phone a local number. I hate these damn calls!

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22, Nov. 2017

These people say they are calling from the Home Center for improvement services.

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28, Jun. 2016

This is an automated call, same wording every time. Goes something like this ".we can rent your timeshare for you for$35K, unless you are planning on using it." If I say nothing,a recorded voice says, "Are you there?" Then if I say nothing, it disconnects the call.I've tried on numerous occasions to call them back, and I get a recording, telling me I can either push 1 for customer service, or 2 to be added to their 'do not call' list. I've done both, numerous times. Neither choice ever gets me to a live person, and choice #2 is clearly being ignored. Today this number tried to reach me 4 times, over the course of a business day. The calls have been coming in for a couple of weeks now, and seem to be increasing in frequency.