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17, Aug. 2017

FIVE CALLS in the last TWO days from this number. No msgs left on ans. machine. Finally BLOCKED it. They keep calling - one attempt at a time, which leads me to believe this is a ROBOCALL. (Innocent wrong numbers usually try at least twice after being 'blocked.') Name on caller id is "YIADOM, ASARE". This is a 'local' number to us, and is listed on various websites as both cellular AND landline, as well as a VOIP #. But when I attempt to call this number back I get a 'generic' ans. machine message to 'leave a msg' without an ID as to whom has this # or why they called. VERY strange and VERY annoying.

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23, Mar. 2017

This number called us at 9:49AM today. Called back a while later and a woman answered "Security; can you hold?" I didn't stick around to find out who they were. No one from 'Security' should have been calling us. Wondering if this was an alarm system scam?

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22, Nov. 2016

Three ring hang up call, as I was laying down to rest after surgery five days ago. ILLEGAL INTRUSIVE SCUMBAGS. Whatever they are 'selling' we don't want it, we don't need it and we would NEVER do business with them under any circumstances for violating the sanctity of our home. Impossible to call back; either won't go through or fast busy signal.

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6, Aug. 2016

They will call back several times throughout the day with hang-up calls.

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2, Oct. 2015

When i return the call, i get a static sound Similar to fax tone.

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6, Jul. 2015

The person has a thick Middle Eastern accent and is difficult to understand.

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7, Jul. 2013

You cannot call them back at this number, they're bogus!