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23, Jun. 2019

At least 6 other times when we received these calls, we pushed 5 which said we wouldn't receive these calls again.

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19, Jan. 2017

I've answered twice and there is no response.

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4, Oct. 2016

Two ring hangup call from an unknown entity to a private cell. We DO NOT give out our number to businesses. This smacks of a PHISHING SCAM.

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1, Oct. 2016

PreRecorded tape message claiming that I am able to receive $1,500.00 using VIP#1011 (VIP#2144/3323) if call w/in 1-Hour.

Hate Christian Rigdon
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10, Apr. 2016

Called my Massachusetts cell on March 3, 2016 while I was on vaca, out of state.

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11, Oct. 2015

Although I repeatedly told them no, I started receiving 5 different magazines & my bank account which I had NOT give them has been debited $19.95 for each one.

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11, Oct. 2015

Also.I checked the reverse phone number look-up, and there are multiple complaints about this and related numbers.

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20, Dec. 2013

Sent txt msg saying my Visa had expired & should call to reactivate. also ref'd www.crditunionn.gov sounds like a scam to me.