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  • Regional statistics: Cummington, Massachusetts has a population of 152251 that is in a county of 55991 units. The city is in a county that is 529 square miles. 413-200 is available through the regional telephone switch # SPFDMAATDS3 in the Cummington area.
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10, Jul. 2019

They are one of the few who still call.

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12, Jun. 2019

They say they spoke with me in the past about doing work on my house.

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10, Aug. 2018

I informed the young lady that we were on the DNC List.

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7, Jun. 2018

Junk tells-scam waste of time. You can block it but they use several. It’s time these idiots were shut down, all of them

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10, May. 2018

Spam - Worldwide Vacations

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8, May. 2018

Left a voicemail saying I needed to appear in front of a judge for some criminal offense charges... fake!

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2, Nov. 2017


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5, Sep. 2017

This last call on Sunday evening at dinnertime after I had told the woman on Saturday to stop calling me.

BEWARE of This SCAM Caller !!
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15, Jun. 2017

BEWARE of This SCAM Caller !!

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11, May. 2017

Automated call said to call back. Informed me I owed IRS debt. Called back. Elevator music. Sounded like person was from India. Said his name was Mike. Personal Cell

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11, May. 2017

Caller states that they are from the IRS and that an arrest warrant has been issued for me.

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22, Apr. 2017

Caller says the IRS has issued an arrest warrant against you and your property.

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31, Jan. 2017

This number called my job today which is a pizza shop here in westfield mass in the Hampton ponds plazas only it was a woman asking to speak to Lisa? Then I told her there is no Lisa here this is *%$#pizza she then asked if there are apartments here and does anyone live there it was a strange call but she wasn't Muslim she sounded American white

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29, May. 2016

This number does not allow access to request to not be called or contacted.

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5, Aug. 2015

All these are scams and should be shut down.

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1, Jul. 2015

Stephanie called about my payday holiday loan.

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3, Mar. 2015

Anyone know who this number belongs to? They call me 4 times a day. I refuse to answer.

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28, Feb. 2015

The rep was very rude.

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12, Jan. 2015

Says i was entered to win $5000 in daily jackpot.

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2, Jul. 2014

I will continue to register complaints until the calls stop. I DO NOT BELIEVE, FOR 1 SECOND, THAT THEY WILL STOP CALLING ONLY BECAUSE I ASKED THEM TO. They have never stopped before, so I doubt they will until the feds step in and force them to stop. Please do something about this situation.

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30, Jun. 2014

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25, Jun. 2014

I kept getting calls from this number. I finally called it back, and it was Caribbean cruise line offering a free cruise ect....

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26, Feb. 2014

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20, Jan. 2014

This is the second complaint that I have filed and these people are still calling me. I want to know what you're going to do about it!

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23, Nov. 2013

Called my number. Knew my first, middle and last name. Just asked: is this ________ ________ _______? Weird!

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28, Dec. 2012

We have reported them many times.