Area Code 412

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Area code: 412
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2019

Called twice and threatened to reach out to my HR to deliver papers. My husband even got a call. Same robocop. This needs to stop. There may not be calm people out that will tolerate this and take action.

19, Feb. 2019

Just tried calling me. Similar numbers has been calling my phone saying I ordered 20 pizzas and they were very hostile

18, Feb. 2019

Caller said she was from Medicare. She said "I understand you're having trouble with your shoulder and your knee." I denied it and when I asked her who told her that she hung up. I have had knee surgery and shoulder surgery and I'm very upset that this info is on the internet. Who knows what other info of mine is out there. I say it's time to capture these scammers and charge them with violating our privacy. I did try to call them back but the # is disconnected so now I know that it is a scammers #. I did block it with my Call Blocker and actually blocked all numbers from 412 area code.

7, Feb. 2019

Call an leave no answer at all hours. It don’t matter what time it is.

7, Feb. 2019

Call several times a day on cell and home phone. They never leave message. Caller I.D. says 412-460=4592

7, Feb. 2019

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31, Jan. 2019

Hangs up without leaving a message

17, Jan. 2019

Call came in. Didn't have my glasses on, so couldn't read the caller ID. I picked up and said hello, then heard a click. Searched the number and ended up here. Thanks for all the info. I'll not pick up again..

14, Jan. 2019

collection agency for upmc. upmc screwed up my billing. I have since paid them but these people called like 3 times. I just hang up and finally blocked their number. They quit calling.

10, Jan. 2019

Damn, just went threw all this 2day. See there are others who received these b.s. calls 2013!! Blocked the #!!! Very annoying & stupid!!!! Sorry, had to complain of..😊

2, Jan. 2019

It’s from a company regarding something you’ve submitted to their company thru a different website as a possible invention. I’ve told them that I’m no longer interested in their company helping me but it seems that they’ve just passed the buck to a different person to try to get me to sign with their company. They are persistent and annoying and won’t seem to take no for an answer. You say no, they keep calling back to see if you’ve changed your mind.

27, Dec. 2018

HInge is an App like tinder.

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