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18, May. 2019

I called the number and the man answered and wanted me to verify my address.

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22, Apr. 2019

Caller ID states Kent, Wa. Call offers security system, starts with the words "DON'T HANG UP!" Have been calling multiple times per day.

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18, Mar. 2019

I have followed the instructions to be removed from the calling list and the phone calls continue to come at all hours.

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11, Feb. 2018

he is calling numbers that are registered on the federal no call list in direct violation of the federal no call law.

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24, Mar. 2017

"Hi, this is Josh from Customer Service. You have...." (I hung up.)

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26, Jan. 2017

They call everyday

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5, Jan. 2017

This number comes from a drug dealer

Mary C. Pinkley
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26, Jun. 2015

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4, Nov. 2014

Wanted personal information before the caller even stated what the call was about.

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28, Jun. 2014

Caller called me 6/21/14..did not answer

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20, Jun. 2014

This number has been calling my cell phone several times a day over the past month or so. I have asked them not to call me again yet they persist.

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20, Jun. 2014

When I request to be removed from their call list they hang up on me.

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30, Oct. 2013

Unsolicited call was received late last night.

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9, Apr. 2013

I have received two calls from this number and no one responds.

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8, Apr. 2013

This is the third call recently from this company. The calls usually come in late in the afternoon.

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18, Jan. 2013

I will continue to register complaints until the calls stop. I DO NOT BELIEVE, FOR 1 SECOND, THAT THEY WILL STOP CALLING ONLY BECAUSE I ASKED THEM TO. They have never stopped before, so I doubt they will until the feds step in and force them to stop. Please do something about this situation.

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10, Jan. 2013

they call every day, never leave messages, they call from many different number, very annoying!

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12, Dec. 2012

Company has been calling me for months. Uses different phone numbers. This one said it was a California cell phone so I answered it.

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4, Sep. 2012

We keep getting a call from 410-709-3695 and there's no message to make out who or why they are calling. All we've heard so far is a 3 second recording a woman's voice then nothing. My family and I would really like them to stop calling.