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15, Sep. 2018

they immediately hang up when I ask how they got my number.

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29, Jun. 2018

nor a credit card of any kind from this company or any other company.

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12, Dec. 2017

On two occasions I have stayed on the line until the recorded message was complete.

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5, Dec. 2017

this area code does not exist and it is the 2nd time i have got this call i never pick up calls that i dont recognize.

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29, Sep. 2017

We just got this call

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14, Nov. 2014

When you Google the number, many complaints about unwanted calls from this number appear. Though not a "senior" myself, I live in a 55+ community

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14, Sep. 2012

This caller has called me 6+ times in two nights. I have not picked up, but I'm sure from the research above that I'd get the same response.

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1, Aug. 2012

These people have been calling me for over a month on my cell phone. They have my number under a --- and wanted to know if I knew her? I told them to stop calling me.