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24, Jan. 2019

Recorded bot message saying I would need to call before I get arrested. ?

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8, Oct. 2018

Caller ID shows "Food Bank NYC" but caller says it is about my computer. Four calls in last two days.

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21, Mar. 2018

This number has been calling me for a couple of months .

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13, Mar. 2018

This number is only calling persons over 65 it is a scam.

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28, Nov. 2017

That doesn't stop them.

Christa Justice
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7, Aug. 2017

They did the exact same thing to me, 4x in one minute?! No message left...Weird

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9, Jul. 2017

constantly getting phone calls and they have been verbally abusive swearing and screaming at me when I tell them to please stop calling

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18, May. 2017

Johnson from Publishers Clearing House.

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1, Sep. 2012

They call 5 or 6 times a day. When I answer the phone, no one respondes. must be a robo-call. this has been going on for weeks. I can not keep jumping up for the phone.