Area Code 409

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Area code: 409
State: Texas
Country: USA
15, Dec. 2018

It’s a scam

4, Dec. 2018

The telephone call came in just the second when I was turning my head to allow tghe barber to cut the long strands close to my right ear. The sudden sound of the telephone made me shake my head in fright and the scissor almost cut my forehead. I need to stop this business of the mobile calls somehow. I hesitantly informed him that these irksome telephone calls have been going on for the last couple of months and all they ask is to verify a few information and the calls are nothing of importance. I have had enough of the scam calls and would not like to deal with anohter swindler. Tricksters And what not!

4, Dec. 2018

I'm freaked out about a call from somewhere with the phone number #. Why would this company phone us ?

4, Dec. 2018

How can I stop this telephone number from calling many times a week ? I put this telephone number to the rejection list, so I won't be able to hear the ring. What does this place want with me ?

4, Dec. 2018

I did not know of the latest inventions used by major companies to get an individual to respond to telephone calls. The thought is simply beyond me.

4, Dec. 2018

Should I report this phone number for abuse? Will it change anything to submit a complaint? I hope someone makes them Stop. Stop. STOP. Please STOP. Calling. NOW!

4, Dec. 2018

First the phone place called somebody I don't know, and then this telephone number. How do I stop them?

4, Dec. 2018

This guy left a message. He said that I have to telephone before the end of the day pertaining to a credit card payment. I was anxious, but I needed to phone. When I called, I was connected to a message that said that nobody was available. I kept on leaving messages. I do not realise who to talk to.

4, Dec. 2018

My mother keeps receiving phone calls from #, but she does not live with me. I am wondering if I should pass on them with the proper pone number, or forget it.

29, Nov. 2018

Same old Microsoft Windows.scam

29, Nov. 2018

Left a message on the recording to not call me anymore, but they called again this morning.

27, Nov. 2018

Talking about closing my social security number after taking it to court

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