Area Code 409

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Area code: 409
State: Texas
Country: USA
18, Feb. 2019

Calls then let's it ring 4 times then hangs up. Very annoying. I block this number and they changed 1 number and called back again.

18, Feb. 2019

Coming for u. Caint hide anywhere thanks cowboy

18, Feb. 2019

Tell Sara and Meredith cowboy says hello. Thanks

11, Feb. 2019

Claimed to be suing me for tax fraud. I think it is a fraud.

4, Feb. 2019


29, Jan. 2019

I have been receiving call after call from this number.. and when I start questioning who they are they interrupt and say hello hello like they can't hear me and continue... This is all fake. Be careful who you are giving your info to...

19, Jan. 2019

Was used on the air in a recent episode of “Young Sheldon” and I just wanted to know if it was real.

28, Dec. 2018

Goddam Beto trying to raise money for his 2020 Presidential campaign.

27, Dec. 2018

Scam don’t answer

22, Dec. 2018

Vince Ferrell has a new number 662-228-6544

17, Dec. 2018

Fake s.s. Scam, I.e. your ss number has been flagged.

4, Dec. 2018

The telephone call came in just the second when I was turning my head to allow tghe barber to cut the long strands close to my right ear. The sudden sound of the telephone made me shake my head in fright and the scissor almost cut my forehead. I need to stop this business of the mobile calls somehow. I hesitantly informed him that these irksome telephone calls have been going on for the last couple of months and all they ask is to verify a few information and the calls are nothing of importance. I have had enough of the scam calls and would not like to deal with anohter swindler. Tricksters And what not!

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