Area Code 408

Additional information:

Area code: 408
State: California
Country: USA
2, Aug. 2020

They have hung up on me twice and once said ok sorry.

2, Aug. 2020

I have told them NOT to call for the last year each day.

2, Aug. 2020

Sometimes from India.

2, Jul. 2020

I pressed 1 to talk with a live operator and told them not to call me any more since my number is on the DNC register.

2, Jul. 2020

Sometimes they hang up when I answer.

3, May. 2020

When I asked her how they had obtained my cell phone number, she immediately hung up.

2, May. 2020

Uses whats app. Claims to be. Soldier overseas

TS Vanity
28, Apr. 2020

Another tranny chaser that calls transgender escorts and tries to collect di ck pictures. Ignore this idiot.

25, Apr. 2020

This shows on my iPhone lost picture on iCloud as well and was lost in Australia, I think it’s obvious guys that it’s just a generic example picture of how to put your phone on lost mode and how it would show up on the screen of the phone, like when you are filling out paperwork and they have an example using Joe Bloggs or John Doe etc.

20, Apr. 2020

Did not leave a message, so I blocked them

Tabitha Berni
20, Apr. 2020

This number 4085550941 is a scam number I don't understand how is it still up and running and no one has did anything about it the name linked to this number is John in Cupertino,California there's an email address that I have found of his whoever is running this operation of scams link to this number has been doing it for a very long time it has access to everyone of my devices into every one of my accounts on the internet social media's emails and excetera it's even made an AOL account and multiple other accounts that I've never made I have did a lot of research in the past few months I have came across so much fraud that is linked back to me that I never even did this has been going on for a very long time and has access to all of my stuff 4 years and I'm just now finding out about 6 months ago I have reported hit multiple times and no one wants to listen it's a shame that we have to go through this in the law enforcement don't do nothing about it and what makes it even scarier this hacker has every information of me and my kids and where we stay this is not just a little scam and I wish law enforcement would wake up and realize that this is way bigger it's trade marketing and has scammed stolen from the US millions of dollars this so-called John has a iPod Pro an Apple watch 4 and iPhone 11 Pro MacBook Pro model MacBook Pro 15 version Mac OS 10.15 serial number X02XYXZ1XYX0 and a Apple TV 4K device for the TV iPhone 8 and iPhone SE and and he's got a few other devices y'all be careful with this number hopefully the law enforcement will do something cuz I have not had any luck with anyone listening to me I will not rest until this person is stop

17, Apr. 2020

They have called every 30 minutes or so for the past day. Never leaves a voicemail message, no caller ID

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