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20, Sep. 2018

They keep calling after I tell them to stop.

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3, Aug. 2018

I received at least many odd mobile calls. There isn't a reason I should be getting these damn calls.

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20, Jul. 2018

or 2 to be disconnected.

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2, Jul. 2018

I get at least one call a day from this phone number.

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30, Jun. 2018

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

Pissed consumer
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5, Apr. 2018

This person had an ad on Craigslist rehoming Ragdoll kittens. When contacted, they say they moved to Texas and I can drive there or pay them to send me the kitten. SCAMMER what a sad person, scamming with pets...

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20, Feb. 2018

he started to flirt my female sign language interpreter in perverted statement.

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26, Sep. 2017


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20, Mar. 2017

Multiple calls from these people over the years.

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10, Aug. 2016

got 2 different IRS scam #s today

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28, Jul. 2016

I tried to call them back to ask them to remove me from their list, but could not reach anyone.

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4, Dec. 2014

He pretends to be a women on Christian Mingle uses fake profiles and pictures to try to get your personal information

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13, Sep. 2014

When I told them to stop calling, I was called an old bitch!

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14, Jul. 2014

they keep calling!

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25, Oct. 2013

They called twice on 10/24/13 and the machine picked up (I wasn't home) but they did not leave a message.

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23, Oct. 2013

They asked me to renew my subscription to a magazine. Two calls in one night. I never dealt with them.

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27, Apr. 2013

This number has been calling my cell phone several times a day for weeks. These are unwanted calls. They need to be stopped. When I call back, they won't answer their phone but ask you to leave your number. They tell other people they can opt out if they don't want them to call them. But they just keep calling. Again, these people need to be stopped.

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2, Apr. 2013

Same as above. Trying to scam out a debit card number. Don't know how they got my cell or my wife's cell

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15, Mar. 2013

they call everyday, several times a day, we have asked them each time to take our name off the list, one called my husband an a--Hole because he said he was tired of the calls and to quit calling.

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17, Jan. 2013

I also received a txt from a #584333743@vtext.com saying" call 407-900-2578 your attention is required, I did call this # and it said that the # did not exist! I hate this crap especially when it gets sent to a childs phone!

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12, Dec. 2012

Been getting calls from this number every day for a couple of weeks. I screen all my calls with my answering machine and the caller never leaves a message. Today I actually answered and it took 3 "Hello" before the caller spoke up. He claimed to be collecting donations for a police benevolent association. When I interrupted him and asked him to take my number off his call list he started shouting over me and said he couldn't take my number off his list because it wasn't a sales call.. I hung up on him rather than listen to him foam loudly at the mouth.

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6, Nov. 2012

I didnt even know what this lady was saying but, she sounded really annoying and fake I hung up on her and they keep calling me

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30, Oct. 2012

Selling Theme Park Tickets on Craigs list.

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10, Oct. 2012

They also use automated dialers that hang up on you if you answer.

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8, Oct. 2012

Today is the 2nd time I have pressed 9 to be removed. Each time I do this I just get cut off.

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4, Oct. 2012

They call with recorded message and I hit 1 and ask them to add me to a do not call list and they hung up.

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29, Aug. 2012

This number is an unpublished phone number. CallerID Information shows "HUTTMAN CHRISTO"...

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25, Aug. 2012

They call several times a day. I am usually not able to answer to tell them not to call. I have received 21 calls.

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19, Aug. 2012

This same man has called for the past 3 Sunday mornings and late at night. He says "Hello, hello" to my answering machine (thinking it's a real person) or just hangs up if he notices that the recording has come on.

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18, Aug. 2012

called on a Saturday Morning before 9a.m.

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14, Jul. 2012

These people have been calling daily for about a month at various times. Usually they hang up before the answering machine picks up. It is a recorded message. Caller ID just shows unknown and out of area; no name.

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5, Jul. 2012

called for my husband. When asked to leave a message they replied that they would call back later. When I called the number back found it to be a google voice number.

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14, Jun. 2012

Its after 9 at night and whoever this is keeps calling..I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message.