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30, Jun. 2016

I get these every week often several!

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11, Mar. 2016

Old Microsoft scam wanting to fix my hacked computer. Called twice this afternoon.

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23, May. 2015

trying to sell time share property

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4, Mar. 2015

They claim they are a debt collector.

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3, Mar. 2015

They are rude and call all the time.

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8, Feb. 2015

I then block the number on phone and They call back under a diff number.

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7, Feb. 2015

I recieved an auto-dialer pre-recorded message.

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4, Feb. 2015

This is a scam. This number texted my boyfriend, who is a business owner, saying they were interested in his services. They said they were hearing imparied and that is why they were texting. They said they were going to send him their credit card number and that he should run it for 2500 over what he charges for his services. Then asked for him to send the 2500 dollars to the person (who claimed her name was Witney). She stated she needed the money to pay her driver who would take her there, because the driver doesn't take credit cards. We highly believe this was a scam. The person on the other end wanted him to run a stolen credit card, and then send 2500 to them so they were in the clear of using it in public. In the end, my boyfriend would have lost out on the money because he chose to run the stolen card. The person on the other end of the phone is a live person and is very responsive. Please do not buy in to them.

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20, Jan. 2015

After about the fourth call, I started answering and asked them to remove me from the list and not to call again.

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16, Dec. 2014

These people just keep calling. How do we stop them? Do these complants do any good?

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6, Nov. 2014

computer solicitation

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2, Nov. 2014

They hung up before I could tell them not to call.

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5, Oct. 2014

Told them they have wrong number stop calling and it hasn't worked

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22, Apr. 2014

was an unsolicited call- - used the same rep's name every time!

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4, Mar. 2014

This time there was a person on the phone who I told emphatically not to call again.

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16, Apr. 2013

We keep receiving calls with a recorded message. Why I stay on the line and ask a representative who they are, they hang up. We do not have phone id.

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22, Jan. 2013

They called today. They claim your computer is infected. The accent is very hard to understand. Please stop them from calling. This is a do not call number.

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23, Oct. 2012

Idiot trash call. BAH!