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17, Sep. 2018

Caller from Purdue University Global (Florida) after requesting more info from a Law Degree at Concord Law School in California.

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11, Apr. 2018

The recording said that i would be pickedup by the "local cops" if I did not call back due to expired "tax fillings"

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5, Mar. 2018

Repeated Harrassment

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13, May. 2016

I called back once and told them to take this number off their list as there is no one here by that name.

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1, Aug. 2015

Told me they were Microsoft support line when I called. A scam indeed.

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11, Mar. 2015

This person or company or whatever are obviously running some type of scam to get personal info and access to your computer.

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2, Apr. 2013

this call is coming in several times a day....everyday. Make it stop!

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19, Nov. 2012

they call me every single day at different times, i have stopped answering...