Area Code 406

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Area code: 406
State: Montana
Country: USA
16, Feb. 2019

A real conartist that hangs out at the bars

12, Feb. 2019

they call 5-6+ times a day. very frustrating! trying to work and have to stop for a call and no one is on the other end

12, Feb. 2019

Criminal Montana Congressman trying to lie and cheat his constituents. Don’t bother to answer.

11, Feb. 2019

Recorded call saying they were the Social Security Administration and I was about to be arrested. Called them back just to mess with them and to see what they were going to do as much out of morbid curiosity as anything else... Indian man answered, asked me my name so as to verify what he has on record; when I told him to tell me the name he has on his records and I'll verify it for him, he cursed at me and hung up the phone. What can I say....

6, Feb. 2019

I disconnected my cell service since the spam calls were numerous per day and picked a permanent VOIP number across the country where I know noone, and yet this number has called me 3x in the past 24 hours. Having searched and found reports here I am reporting as potential spam.

16, Jan. 2019

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

14, Jan. 2019

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

Scam Not
4, Jan. 2019

Called my house, but no message left. Figured it was just another ignorant scammer, too lazy to get a job to earn a paycheck but would rather rip people off. Total deadbeat actions.

11, Dec. 2018

They texted me also and said they knew me. not sure what type of scam this is, but I'm blocking the number

5, Dec. 2018

My whole body is shaking and how I am going to go through this concert is a nightmare. I need the funds out of the orchestra to spend on my son who has to go for surgery and we are short of funds for the operation. All what I keep hearing is the tone of the representative who called me and the rude language he used on me. I have no idea at all why the calls keep coming to me when I have no idea of the guy they are tattling about. I am feeling awful when I think of my family. Well I am not responsible for this state of affairs and all the blame should go to those stupid callers who have been giving calls at inconvenient times No two words! everyone will say I got stage fright. I really do not care.

4, Dec. 2018

Dont know the number or anyone in Havre...I answered to not h at them. I said hello, they hung up!

3, Dec. 2018

I was unhappily waiting to walk across the Sixth Street as I was rather late for my appointment at the salon. I was not certain about the telephone call specially at that time of the night but did not really want to take a chance as I had assured my son that I will talk to him after his Football game and here I am still freezing under a lamp pot. I am still shivering with the cold and the irksome mobile calls made me feel worse.

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