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17, Apr. 2019

doesn't leave message telemarketer according to 800notes.com. I don't answer calls from unknown names/numbers. Please quit calling my cell phone.

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11, Jan. 2018

unwanted robocalls from Bank Card Services and Card Services, offering to lower her credit card interest rates.

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7, Dec. 2017

Lots of complaints regarding this number on the internet.

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17, Sep. 2016

Provides a call-back number of 712-432-0900 with a participant code of 219983# - requests that I call him so that he may give me a message he received from God.

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17, Aug. 2016

The robo call provides a number to opt out or you can call the number that called you, but you CAN NOT opt out.

Lee beede
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4, Aug. 2015

a printed text message came up on my jetpack... Not sure why?

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20, Oct. 2014

Recording: "our records show that you have not... free Google listing..." BS