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1, Apr. 2019

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11, Mar. 2019

They call every day around noon on my cell phone.

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17, Jan. 2018

Received call twice, first from above #, and second from 8442489070 regarding my vehicle, a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokeee, to advise the warranty had expired.

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24, Oct. 2017

I believe this scam should be stopped now.. I

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6, Sep. 2017

Call starts as if it is a live person on the calling end, but quickly goes into a sales pitch, ignoring anything I say, quickly sounding like a robocall. I haven't asked the company to stop calling, as I've quickly hung up once I realized that it is a scam call.

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10, May. 2017

These people won't stop their solicitations.

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13, Feb. 2017

I did not answer due to not knowing who was calling.

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29, Nov. 2016

I missed the call, I have no idea who they are. Are they really a debt collector? if trying to collect old bills, my debt has already been on statute of limitations...

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7, Oct. 2016

Auto calling system about credit card

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30, Sep. 2016

We learned they represented PCMATIC when our credit card bill arrived.

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3, Aug. 2016

Number called, Left no message. Searches for this number turn up nothing reputable, Adding to blocked list.

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30, Jul. 2016

Selling "medical alert

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30, Jun. 2016

We get 2-3 calls per day from these clowns. We finally got a human on this call. They are selling debt collection services. I love explaining to these slimeballs that we don't have any bad debt or delinquent accounts. They want to argue with me on it as though they have my books! I hope there's a special place in hell for these people.

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22, Jun. 2016

Dead line upon answering.

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8, Mar. 2016

I couldn't hear very since I was driving when they got the call. Something about Bank First and something about having found my resume online.

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29, Feb. 2016

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21, Nov. 2015

The call came from an IL phone number and the caller Courtney suggested I renew my car maintenance service as it is expiring.

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2, Sep. 2015

No damn company has the right to wake me up in the early morning hours, no matter how legitimate they are.

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11, Aug. 2015

Doing anything other than giving them the info they want, gets you a hang up and a call later.

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22, Apr. 2015

Senior savings on security systems

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11, Mar. 2015

This seems like the beginning of NUISANCE calls again, waking me up for nothing!

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5, Nov. 2014

calling several times a week from various numbers

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1, Jul. 2014

They said that I owed him money from some payday loan but I dont remeber taking it out

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19, Jun. 2014

The caller was identified as a Trugreen 405-233-3382 A woman said that legal documents were going to be delivered tomorrow in reference to a legal matter and would anyone be home to sign them. I stopped her and said that if it was for "Gary", since she had not mentioned any name, and she said Gary P****. I then informed her that we got this new phone number in December and continually get calls for a Gary, however we do not know who Gary is... she apologized and hung up. **We used to get about 3-4 calls a week for "Gary" and have found that it's easier to let the people know that while it may have been his number, it's now ours and they stop calling.

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18, Apr. 2013

When I answered the phone, a recorded voice said "Goodbye." I called back and it was just another recording that said I could dial 1 if I wanted to be on their No Call list- which I did. Three hours later they called again.

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10, Apr. 2013

We get this same recorded message several times each day.

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27, Aug. 2012

The call I received was about lowering my credit card interest rate.