Area Code 404

Additional information:

Area code: 404
State: Georgia
Country: USA
14, Dec. 2018

Did not answer. Looked up number and it was senior citizen telemarketer.

13, Dec. 2018

Calls daily as high as 5 times a day ... no message / no talking / nothing ... Unable to call number back.

7, Dec. 2018

Got another cell phone call from Cottonwood Financial this afternoon. I wonder why the bank would phone me. I don't think I have an outstanding payment or anything.

7, Dec. 2018

Also believe it's a telemarketer scam! Received 3 calls in one day! English accent! Calling about a competitor CPA. All seemed to fishy to me.

7, Dec. 2018

I found this number referenced in a Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Questionnaire on Georgia DPH website as part of a script the caller would use in performing a survey ( Could be legit, but still cautious.

6, Dec. 2018

The caller apparently wouldn't leave a telephone message. I am annoyed by these incessant robocalls to my cell phone. I requested to be taken off the company's phone list.

5, Dec. 2018

This caller knew my name, my address, my work phone and personal phone numbers. Would not tell me why he was calling until I told him my personal information he has is correct. I did not respond to his questions. He kept asking when he could call me back on my work number until I hung up

4, Dec. 2018

They call continuously and will not leave a voicemail. Itt's gobbling up our cell mobile phone time. My phone number is listed on the federal DNC list.

3, Dec. 2018

This has been noted in many occasions during the past couple of days and it is rather a pity to notice that when he sits to eat the calls come on his telephone. My mother is getting saddened by the amount of food that is being thrown away. When my Mother is unhappy it creates issues at home. Might need a drill to drive these thoughts in

2, Dec. 2018

It is rather spoky that always I am in my backyard I keep receiving these commercial telephone calls on my cell phone at regular intervals. The area I reside is rather stormy and the mobile reception is not very clear. Due to the climate in the area I am not sure what they are trying to say. The calls are simply coming from a firm who is trying to introduce automated calls and all this time when I think of the energies I have taken and the evenings wasted I feel a fool.

1, Dec. 2018

When asked not to call again, the same guy just hangs up.

1, Dec. 2018

I have received numerous phone calls from different phone numbers on my answering machine they are recorded so you can't tell them to stop calling.

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