Area Code 403

Additional information:

Area code: 403
State: Alberta
Country: Canada
6, Dec. 2018

This is a collection company and some one has given them your number as a contact. Look up CRS Calgary, call their number and tell them they are phoning you but you are not connected with this service.

4, Dec. 2018

I missed a call from 403-351-3159 today Dec. 4, 2018 at 09:11 so I called back. Phone ring and there was a moment of silence. I thought must be a wrong number. I was about to hang up when a female voice on the other line spoke. She said she was calling in behalf of TD Visa and ask if I can confirm my name, personal information, etc. I told her back if TD Visa is actually calling me they should already know. Said she can't for confidential reason. Told her back for the exact same reason I'm not confirming nothing to anyone I do not know and if it's TD Visa or any TD related matter I would call them myself or walk to their nearby branch and find out myself. After that I hung up.

3, Dec. 2018

Annoying people. They call at all hours. They have no respect

3, Dec. 2018

What a surprise. Another telephone cal from Concordia University. They better stop bugging me. We do not pass her the smart phone now as she is scared over the calls. I am looking at tackling the guy. Who would you think would help us? We can definitely take action as she is still a baby. It is child molestation at its best!

30, Nov. 2018

This number calls several times a day on our land line. My current thought is removing our land line so we have much less unwanted calls in the future. Thanks

28, Nov. 2018

Unknown CALLER & why they called?

28, Nov. 2018

Never leaves a message and calls all hours.

26, Nov. 2018

Calling every day for the last five days.

22, Nov. 2018

I have asked several times that he stop calling me.

21, Nov. 2018

I do not owe the bank anything although I do carry a credit card from them. I don't know why they are calling all day long. How do I get the telephone calls to stop?

19, Nov. 2018

Per the Internet, KNOWN SCAM.

14, Nov. 2018

Same as the caller above from Surrey BC, called rang twice, hung up before I could answer - haven't a clue who it is/what they want. I have, however, bought a toy AIRHORN at a Dollar Store (Dollarama in BC in the kids' party games section) it gives off a good 'deterring' blast without doing any aural damage - I recommend folks who get a plethora of annoying calls, buy a couple of these, and don't forget to mention it to your neighbours!

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