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7, May. 2019

May be a dating spammer as she played the I am off to work in Cyprus and can't meet you, so we will just text for 3 weeks, which leads to the "I need money" process. I did not go through with the rest of the game, as I had done so before and it takes a lot of time

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7, Oct. 2018

This is a false comment made to maliciously affect my work. Nothing of the sorts that happened and it was made by a x that has jealousy issues and control issues and is trying to negatively affect my business you can read my comments on other websites they are all positive and don't match this one please when reading comments and things like this take into consideration that anybody can post anything they want

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18, May. 2018

i received a call said I had won a trip was thru my Telus email

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5, May. 2018

I wished I did a search on this number in advanced. The pictures of her on Leo's List are accurate. She is very nice when communicating. Sadly, she looks very sickly when you see her. Very disheveled. Bad smell of illness. Clearly using drugs. Her facilities are not clean and very messy. The toys are not kept in a safe or sanitized manner. I did not feel safe at all and walked out. I felt so bad and sorry for her. Better to go to a Massage Parlor. Trust your gut. PS - she may ask you to email funds without password.

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16, Mar. 2018

received another call from same number on 5/22/2014 at 10:21 a.m.

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24, May. 2014

it's called before, they don't leave a message...