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1, Oct. 2018

I have no idea how I got on this company's distribution list.

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21, Aug. 2018

First of all, these incessant calls are coming in to my small business.

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18, May. 2017

I never pick up when I see a number I don't know. Hell I barely pick up when it's someone I do know! I checked the number on the internet and I think it's bill collectors called Firstmark Services. Are they calling anyone else?

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12, Dec. 2015

Sun 2 Shade Window Tinting 1459 Lincoln St, Blair, NE, 68008 (402) 881-1093

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22, Sep. 2015

They have called on 12/27 8:41pm, 12/28 5:52pm, 12/29 5:54pm, 12/29 7:17pm, 12/30 6:31pm and 1/2/14 7:20pm.

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9, Dec. 2014

asked them to stop calling

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4, Dec. 2013

you can tell this is a scammer, and was unwilling to give info on who they are, probably one of those companies that looks up any old debts and tries to profit off of it through intimidation....

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3, Dec. 2012

These people do not stop calling and they call three to four times day. They are also calling our cell phones!

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1, Apr. 2012

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15, Mar. 2012

Call ID shows WalMart but caller claims to be with a home security system company offering a GE home security system free or at reduced cost if give information and allow posting of their sign in your front yard. The company name was not written down. Call back to the number is an automated answering system with no specific information about the company but gives option to remove your phone number from their call list.