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  • Regional statistics: Columbus, Nebraska has a population of 20823 that is in a county of 12076 units. The city is in a county that is 678 square miles. 402-835 is available through the regional telephone switch # BLLVNEBLDS0 in the Columbus area.
  • Other cities located around Columbus: Hastings (402-834) Wayne (402-833) Omaha (402-836) Macy (402-837)
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28, May. 2019

Said they were calling from Direct TV, so I hung up.

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17, Apr. 2018

Said she was on behalf of spectrum and was calling about my account, gave me my first and last name

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14, Sep. 2017

The person asked for an individual who lived at this address at least 2 years before I moved in. He asked for her by her 1st name. I said no one by that name has this # He then said her first and last name I said No, you must be a telemarketer looking fro a roofing job (been getting those frequently due to a storm in the area) He tells me No, she has this # down as her home # I tell him No you either skipped searched or have a generated list of #'s that still has her listed @ this address but not by this # He then hangs up

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27, Feb. 2017

Received a call on my cell phone from +14028355840 that my debit has been locked. I don't have this bank so I think it's a scam

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21, Jul. 2016


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10, Apr. 2015

I never did, was not in town on the date they claimed.

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30, May. 2014

This guy called and I told him we were just too busy for cold calls right now and hung up. One MINUTE later he calls back and tells me that he had already spoken to my boss and if that's how we do business that's how we do business and hangs up the phone on me. Lol who calls back a cold call in that type of passive aggressive tone? After this I call the number back and talk to the receptionist who was pleasant at first, but then I could tell that she's fielded my type of phone call before as she starts interrupting me with questions as I'm asking questions. Finally she asks me If I'd like to file a complaint and I did, but I'll wager a pretty penny that the complaint started and ended with her, from other peoples posts. FYI the called ID said SMS 835-4466. Best of luck to this guy whatever he is selling must not be working out.

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22, Apr. 2014

This is the second unsolicited call from a company. The first call was to my cell phone.

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6, Jun. 2013

When I reminded the caller that my number is on the Do Not Call List and asked the caller to add my number to his company's list, he pretended that he couldn't hear me.

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20, Jan. 2013

They call 2 to 3 times aday with arecorded message that asks question and is programed to respond to your reply. I called the number back to get a recorded message and if you want to be takened off the key in your number. I have done this 4 times and continue to call.