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19, Nov. 2018

This is the fifth phone number that has called for somebody I do not know. Somebody who was behind in their bills must have owned this phone number before. Bill collection agencies also call. Where is this phone number calling from?

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14, Sep. 2018

Scammer posting fake ads for food trailers (using pics of the "Family Tradition BBQ" trailer that belonged to a now-closed Newport NY restaurant).

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10, Jul. 2018

Asking what car I have and when I asked anyfing.he used different lexikon.

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8, May. 2018

Advertised a home on Craig's List for $600/ mo and the suppose to be address was 10007 N Connechusett Rd. Tampa Fl 33617! Don't fall for his bullshit unless you want to be SCAMMED!!!

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3, Feb. 2018

RFields UPDATE: 12/03/2013 Consumer ads new phone# telling her the FBI reports her area is a high crime area.

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1, Dec. 2017

The caller asked for William.

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10, Oct. 2017

Scammer posting fake ads for food trailers.

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17, May. 2017

Received a call from this weird number . I looked up the number and it looks like its the bill collectors called First National Collection Bureau. No clue why they're calling. Can someone tell me if its them?

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17, May. 2017

Received a call from this weird number . I looked it up and it looks like its the collectors called First Financial Asset Management. No idea why they're calling. Can someone confirm if its them?

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5, Mar. 2017

We told them we are registered with DO Not Call.

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20, Dec. 2016

I'm sure "Rachel" from Card Holder Services calls a lot of people, often!

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14, Jun. 2016

I block every telemarketer,scammer & solicitor through call/text blocking I also have a warning

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9, Jun. 2016

despite multiple requests to stop.

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9, Mar. 2016

few minutes later this same woman called from 480-612-0064 out of area

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25, Nov. 2015

These are the other numbers: 847-352-6420 847-352-0156 847-352-6852

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29, Oct. 2015

I asked them to stop calling me and they ask for $10 to take me off their list.

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29, Aug. 2014

sometimes they call after 9pm

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10, Aug. 2013

Male said First Alert product was ready for delivery and then wouldn't stop talking trying to sell First Alert products.