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2, Oct. 2018

today I talked to a person named"Liz". I am willing to sign a complaint. Thank You"

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14, Sep. 2018

He then got off the phone.

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5, Sep. 2018

they call your number in spanish called my number numerous times

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17, Oct. 2017

This company calls 8-10 times per month.

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5, Jul. 2016

They've been doing this for 5+ years.

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26, Apr. 2016

Unable to provide any thing more, there was no caller, just silence

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1, Mar. 2013

This is the fourth call from this number! Please get them to stop calling me. I am on the do not call list.

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1, Jan. 2013

They call with recorded message and I hit 1 and ask them to add me to a do not call list and they hung up.

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13, Nov. 2012

These people call every day. They say they are not soliciting anything. When I ask them to take me off their call list, they hang up.

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16, Oct. 2012

They call EVERY night, and hang up when I ask them to remove me from their list. The Do Not Call registry needs to act on this.